360central – ignite 360 central Revenue Share Social Networking

360central – ignite 360 central Revenue Share Social Networking

360 Central is going to revolutionize the way you look at social networking. 360 Central includes all the features of a growing social network, including: status updates, unlimited photo and video uploads, news feeds, and outstanding privacy protection.

360 Central goes way beyond just a place to connect with friends and family; it brings convenient organization to your daily life and puts you in touch with the software you need to protect your data, secure your online experience, manage your personal information, and so much more.

Just a few of the benefits of 360 Central include:

* Centralized free email with a complete, integrated calendar and task system
* Connection with others as either friends or followers, or both – allowing you to update the list you want, when you want
* Total mobile sync for your calendar and contact list for your smart phone
* Share revenue generated from social network advertising – 360 Central pays “Main Street instead of Wall Street” allowing you to experience a financial boost just for participating in social networking
* Access to Ignite 360 to learn more about other software applications delivered Software as a Service that integrate into your online life

Connect with others while increasing your productivity by utilizing the intuitive interface of 360 Central.





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